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Pemberton Hill Choir

The Pemberton Hill Choir was founded in the 60's. Since it's inception, it has always had fantastic vocal talent. That talent has made Pemberton Hill Choir a reknowned musical force. We've performed at various venues in Texas, as well as other states. Directed by a award winning vocalist, PeLaura Washington, the Pemberton Hill Choir will continue to improve and share the gospel of our Lord & Savior through song


The Church of Christ On Pemberton Hill Road has several different ministries/organization designed to get people involved that are members of the congregation; and get others interested, that are not members of the Lord's body

Youth Organization

We all know, and understand, that the children are the future. The Pemberton Hill Youth Organization is designed to make sure that the future is as bright as it can be. We do this by instilling Christian values in our youth that they can use to deal with everday struggles of growing up in the world today. In doing so, they can be beacons of light for those around them; and become productive members of society as adults.

Multimedia Ministries

Times change, and the future is now. The message doesn't change but, how it's presented can, does, & has. That's where the Multimedia Ministry comes in. We add visualization to God's word in a way that's more attention grabbing, while not taking away from His word. In addtion to Sunday services, the Multimedia Ministry adds flair to extracurricular congregational services.  

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