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A few faithful Christians, from Southside Church of Christ, started a new congregation in the South Dallas area in early 1962. They started on Park Row Blvd., moved around a bit, and finally settled on the location of 3733 Myrtle Street (Dallas, TX) by the end of that year. Bro. Elbert Moore was minister during this time. The congregation was officially known as The Myrtle Street Church of Christ.


From 1962 to 1981 the congregation was blessed with other wonderful ministers including Bro. Wilmer Tankersly. In July 1981 Bro. Tankersly passed the reigns of the congregation to Bro. J. E. Fontaie, Sr.; whom has been pastor of the congregation since that time.


Under the leadership of our Elder, Deacons, and Pastor Fontaine, the Myrtle Street Congregation purchased property in Southeast Dallas (Pleasant Grove). Services on Myrtle Street ended on October 5, 1997. In the interim of the new building being constructed, the congregation held services at Eastfield Community College. Then, in June of 1998 the congregation moved into it's new home located at 320 Pemberton Hill Road (services first held on June 14). 


The Lord as continued to bless the Church of Christ on Pemberton Hill Road with (physical & spiritual) growth and progress





Joseph E. Fontaine, Sr., was born and raised in Dallas. His father, being a minister himself, instilled strong Christian values in Joe & his brothers. Joe Fontaine met Mary Harrison (from East Texas) and married in 1975. Shortly after there union, Joe found himself ordained and minister of the (then) Myrtly Street Church of Christ. While being a devoted husband, and loving father of two (Joe, Jr. & Jocinda), Pastor Fontaine led the congregation into their new place of worship (Church of Christ On Pemberton Hill Road). Since then Pastor & First Lady Fontaine have become grandparents, and continue to contribute to their church family.

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